my blog - THE NEW JOURNEY 2021

My original logo was called Suki Cartoon - a pink hippopotamus-shape-TV. Now, I have shortened my identity from Suki Cartoon to Suki Illus. The idea for my new logo is the word Suki attached to the image of a pen (it can also be a pencil, a pen, or a tablet pen, depending on your imagination). Because my main job is to create commercial illustrations for brands, packaging products, etc. At the same time, the pronunciation of "Suki" in Japanese means “favorable”. I want my customers to come to my drawing and design services to feel satisfied and happy. My mission is to be side-by-side with customers to create unique images to enhance brand’s value and their merchants on the market.


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‘IN MY CHILDHOOD - THE ADVENTURES OF TWO LITTLE GIRLS’: ‘Dự án này lấy cảm hứng từ chính tuổi thơ của mình’